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October 31, 2007 by Joe · Leave a Comment 

Everyone has done their fair share of shopping online. I admit that I do it quite frequently myself. One of my favorite online vendors is GoDaddy. I purchased this and several other domains from them, as well as hosting services. The frustration that many people have with these is that there is no one right there to help you deal with any issues. I’m glad to say that while you don’t have someone right in front of you with GoDaddy, you can call them and get an immediate response any time of the day! I’ve done this several times and have always been satisfied with the result.

Their website may be a bit cluttered, but I think that their services are great, and the GoDaddy name is well known. Be sure to visit them for any of your internet domain name, hosting and other online needs!

Newegg is another online store that I approve of. They’ve always got great deals on electronics, especially computer memory and computer accessories. Also look for them to have special deals every week, and excellent customer service to boot! Again, another good reason to do business online! Keep in mind that doing business online is just as safe as buying in stores!

Also, be sure to check out Coupon Kathy for these great sharper image coupons! Shopping online just got better!

This post has been sponsored by Coupon Kathy.

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Movies this Weekend!

October 31, 2007 by Joe · 2 Comments 

Wow, I’ve been so busy with other things that I almost forgot about this! But I didn’t. November looks like its going to bring us less movie releases, but that could be a good thing. It should mean more quality product… hopefully. Well, here we go for this weekend:

American Gangster - Based on the powerful true story of Frank Lewis. Frank was a driver for one of the most powerful crime bosses in Harlem. When his boss suddenly dies, Frank takes advantage of the gap in power to take power and begins to build his empire. In addition to taking control of the drug trade, he becomes one of the most respected civic authorities in the city. In the meantime, Robert Crowe plays an officer who is close enough to the streets to sense a shift in the power. He suspects that a powerful black man is climbing his way to power. Their paths become intertwined, and they meet in a confrontation that only one can win.

How I think it will do - Historical dramas are not really my thing, but they tend to do pretty well at the box office, especially when they are centered around a certain area. This movie should do especially well in the New York Area. 2nd in the week I think. The trailer does look really good.

The Martian Child - Based on the novel by David Gerrold. John Cusack plays a recent widow who forms a relationship with a close friend and adopt a child who claims to be from Mars. Against the advice of his wife’s sister, a series of strange occurrances leads them to believe that his claim may be true.

How I think it will do - I don’t see this film performing particularly well. It has an interesting concept, but may be a bit too out there for a mainstream romantic drama. It should break the top 5 but just barely.

Bee Movie - A CG movie featuring a bee voiced by Jerry Seinfeld. Barry B. Benson is disappointed that he has only one career choice, and that is in honey. As he ventures out, he makes contact with a human and realizes that humans have been stealing the bees honey and eating it. He finds a new calling, and that is suing humans for stealing the bee’s honey for all these centuries.

How I think it will do - These types of movies always do well, and I like Seinfeld, so I think that this one will do very well. It’s definitely going to compete for #1 and I think that this will make it. It’s the one that I want to see this weekend. Lots of happy kids and their parents will drive this one to the top.

More movies this weekend! Limited!!!!

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten
Fat Girls
Darfur Now
Quantum Hoops

Well, thats all for this week. Which one are you going to see?

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I Have Been Accepted by PayPerPost

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Well, after a couple of attempts, and opening up a ticket, I have been approved by payperpost. Now I know that I was going to try to put less advertisements on this site, and believe me, I am going to try to hold true to that. Once I get 10 posts in I will likely continue sponsored posts on a different blog because this service looks like a really great moneymaker, but I still want to provide quality movie information on this blog.

Anyway, for those of you looking to make money online, I believe that payperpost is a great way to make consistent income on your blog. You can almost always find an opportunity that will suit your likings! Best of all, its easy to sign up and there is no commitment required! Just sign up, qualify your blog, and start posting for money. It’s that easy. I know it can seem like a long time to wait to get approved, but I believe that once you get approved, it will be definitely worth your while!

Another great thing is that if you are afraid you are being too commercial, you can donate your earnings from this to a charity of your choice! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

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Movie Review: Saw IV

October 28, 2007 by Joe · 5 Comments 

Whoo, what a thriller. Saw Saw IV today with my girlfriend. This is one of her favorite series, and I’ve grown on it. I still need to see the second one, but that doesn’t matter for this review.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the Saw series, I’ll provide a bit of background. Each film involves several characters being tested by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) for things that they have done. Each character generally is either strapped to a deadly trap or trapped somewhere, and must discover their way out, but only in the way that Jigsaw wants them to.

Saw IV picks up where Saw III left off, seemingly. Jigsaw’s body is being autopsied, and in the process, a wax covered tape is found in his stomach. Playing the tape, it is reveled that again “The games have just begun”. One of the officers in the precinct, obsessed with the disappearance and death of many of his fellow officers, is drawn through a series of clues set by Jigsaw. At several points, he encounters traps which have been set up for other people, and aids Jigsaw in testing them.

Meanwhile, the FBI have become involved in the case, and attempt to track down Jigsaw’s new apprentice. This leads them to interrogate Jigsaw’s ex wife, and much of the history of what made Jigsaw who he is now is revealed. Following the clues, one of the agents goes to the warehouse where Saw III occurred, where several officers have been trapped…..

Not going to spoil it for anyone who plans to see it, but this one was quite psychological, and the traps were excellent. It really played games with your head, and I enjoyed it. It was a really good movie to release right now, with Halloween (duh) and I think it should do quite well. It did leave an ending open for more Saw movies to be created, so I’m looking forward to it.

If you’re looking for a good gross out movie that makes you think a little bit, then this one will be great. I think it was better than Saw III, though I don’t know if it matches the original Saw. This one will be a series to look for as a horror classic in the years to come, in my opinion.

It gets an 8 out of 10 for me! First movie in a while :-)

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Movie Preview: I Am Legend

October 24, 2007 by Joe · 5 Comments 

A friend of mine pointed me over at the trailer for the new Will Smith movie, I Am Legend and I have to say that I’m getting pretty excited about it. The movie looks beautiful, and I’ve always been a fan of Will Smith movies.

The premise behind I Am Legend is that Will Smith plays a brilliant scientist who is unable to stop a deadly virus. Somehow immune, Smith’s character sends out daily radio broadcasts, hoping to reach some of the remaining survivors of the world. However, the mutated infected, who have survived, are watching his every move and are waiting for their chance to strike. Dr. Neville (Smith) now must race to find a cure to revert the infected using his own blood, but he is quickly running out of time.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!


An interesting fact about Will Smith: He turned down a scholarship at MIT to pursue his music career more seriously. That officially makes him smarter than me.

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Movies this Weekend!

October 24, 2007 by Joe · 2 Comments 

I know this is kind of late, but I actually went out tonight (I have a life?). Had some great Indian food. I’m surprised I’d never been to this restaurant cuz its really close to where I went to school. Definitely check out some Indian food if you get a chance, its great! I wish I could remember what it was all called so that I could order it again!

Anyway, not too many movies opening up this weekend, but here we go!

Saw IV - “If it’s Halloween, it must be SAW”. Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are both dead. Special agents have been called in to aid the depleted police precinct in trying to sift through the clues. The final SWAT team member not touched by Jigsaw is then abducted, and thrust into yet another game. Following the clues and trail of dead bodies, we learn the reasoning behind Jigsaw’s evil, and his plan for his past, present, and future victims.

How I think it will do - I think this is going to do AWESOME. The timing is just right, Wednesday will be a huge day for this one. The Saw series, just like most series, hasn’t been as good as the first one, but the crowds will come. Unlike Halloween, this one is gonna hit people right when they’re looking for a new horror flick. Congrats on these guys for finding a weekend when there is little competition too!

Dan In Real Life - A comedy starring Steve Carrell. Dan is an advice columnist who is struggling to raise a house full of girls all by himself. Things get more complicated when he falls in love with a woman who just happens to be dating is brother.

How I think it will do - I think this one will do ok, its another comedy out there. It has Steve Carrell, so that will help. But it also has Dane Cook, who is ok at times but unbearable at others. Saw will still be the big movie of the weekend, but this one can be for the non-sqeamish types. It’s also the golden PG-13 rating, so people who can’t get into Saw will see this one too. It’s the only real competition, and its been getting some pretty good reviews.

More Movies! Limited Releases!

  • Pete Seeger: The Power of Song
  • Jimmy Carter Man From Plains
  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
  • Trailer Park Boys - The Movie
  • The Island
  • DarkBlueAlmostBlack
  • Slipstream
  • Bella
  • Music Within
  • How to Cook Your Life
  • Black Irish
  • Mr. Untouchable
  • Rails and Ties
  • Lagerfield Confidential
  • Lynch
  • No Smoking
  • Total Denial
  • The Living and the Dead
  • O Jerusalem

Lots of indie movies coming out recently. I know that they’re the ones that get appreciated more, but when are we going to get the next big blockbuster?!?! Is it going to be Saw IV? Those movies just make my weekend more fun because they make it busy.

Know that I’ve been tagged for a couple memes by Daszzle, and I will get to them! Just been so busy trying to run 4 blogs :-P. That’s all for now!

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Does Where You Live Affect What You See?

October 23, 2007 by Joe · 5 Comments 

First off, GO RED SOX. My boys made it to the World Series again. I’m pretty spoiled, as its been two times in four years, but that doesn’t make me any less happy. I’ll be sure to pick up a hat and a tshirt if they win the Series. You can do it boys.

Now onto the real subject of this post. The title is pretty self explanatory. Having more access to the numbers than the general reader, I can say that it does. I’ve had quite a few experiences where being located in or near Boston has affected what the general public is around here, in terms of movies. Most recently, this happened with Gone Baby Gone. This movie was pretty highly anticipated around here, and you can tell from the movie poster that it is based in Boston.

How much of an affect did this have? Well, my theatre was in the top 10 for grosses when it came to this particular film. Not that my theatre is usually terrible or anything, but we usually don’t break the top 10 in the country for any movie. This has happened once before, and guess what movie it was? That’s right, Fever Pitch. Great movie, by the way. Who would’ve thunk that a movie about the Red Sox would do the best in the Boston market? That’s really strange, isn’t it? ;-)

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie because it happened around where you live? I think it really does affect things. Now that I think about it, Mystic River did pretty well around the Boston area. Let me know!

Not too much happened to me this weekend, except for my boys making a near miracle comeback in the ALCS. Saw IV comes out this week. I’m excited.

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Customer Service Call

October 20, 2007 by Joe · 4 Comments 

Working at the movie theatre, I have had many experiences dealing with customer service. It is basically all the industry is about! (Ok, movies too, but sometimes those play second string even) Knowing this, I often keep my eyes open as to how people at other locations where customer service is important are treated, such as restaurants and sports events. Knowing how difficult customers can be sometimes, it was pretty interesting for me to observe a customer at a restaurant.

We’ll call our difficult customer “X”. My girlfriend and I had arrived at the restaurant about 10 minutes before. It was soaking wet outside, so I can understand that no one coming in would be the happiest people around, I certainly wasn’t. However, our hostess was friendly and we were seated promptly. After drying off a bit, I sat at our table waiting for my girlfriend to get back so that we could start our meal. During this time, X and his friend had come in and been seated. X decided to move his own seat, insisting that he should sit there because it was “brighter”.

The table was open, but the server for that table had just left and so there was no one to serve the table. X asked if that was ok, and at first the hostess said No. A mistake on her part, but she quickly made up for it. X threatened to leave, and was allowed to sit at his desired table. The hostess made sure that their server knew they would be at a different table. I knew from this point that X would be difficult, so I observed him while we ate. Our service was pretty good, though the food took a little longer than I would’ve liked.

X, on the other hand, waited about 5 minutes for his server, who had accidentally went to our table first. (We had a different server) When he got there, he asked politely “Has anyone been around to help you yet?” Basically, he was checking to make sure he had the right table. X responded, “No one has done anything for us yet here” in one of the most sarcastic tones I’ve ever heard. Sheesh.. I felt bad for the server already.

X orders his drink which was “Jack Daniels with Soda“. I know what I would’ve thought if he said that. Jack and Coke. The server smartly checked though, asking if he wanted Coke or Soda water. “I said SODA!” he responded. So the server then confirmed that it was “soda water” and not coke, and went to go get their drinks and food (ordered at the same time). As soon as he had walked away, X commented on the incompetence of the service there, and quite loudly. Wow. I’m sure his friend was embarrassed.

When the drinks came back, the server asked if they needed anything else until their food got there. X said “I said no ice in my drink, but of course your too busy so it doesn’t matter.” Again in that sarcastic tone. I had been paying attention, and he did not say that. The server asked if he wanted the ice strained out, or a new drink, and X said “No No you’re too busy for that.” After checking again, the server left. Again, X commented on his incompetence. This time his friend said “They’re trying their best.” To which X responded “No they’re not, this is the worst restaurant and I’m never coming back here again.”

Ok ok.. sheesh. This continued for the rest of his meal. Now I know that the tone wasn’t set right at the beginning, but they did try to make up for it, and his server was trying. I just can’t believe some people think acting this way in public really makes things better. I’m sure the hostess and server wish he had left instead of staying. The server does not get paid enough to do that (especially since their pay is tip based, and X probably would not tip well).

That being said, I am appalled at the kind of behavior. I’ve gotten angry before, but I’ve never insulted a server, especially in such a loud and public way. Have you had any observations on this? Or perhaps experienced bad customer service yourself? Let me know, and I’ll compile the best ones and post em. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving it in a comment, let me know and you can e-mail me!

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Difference Between a Movie Trailer and an Ad

October 17, 2007 by Joe · 7 Comments 

This is my response to a recent article that has been Dugg. The basic premise of the article is that movie theatres should be responsible for paying back the consumer (moviegoer) for time that is spent watching ads that show before movies. However, being a theatre manager, there are many false claims made in this article, and I want to shed some light on what the truth of it is. My forum may not be as large as the one that his article reaches, but I hope that someone will notice this. This is also not my normal tone, but he really irked me on this one.

I’d like to make two key points right away:

  • The ads plays before the movie, typically on digital projectors.
  • Trailers start at the published show time, and are considered part of the movie. When you pay for a movie, you get trailers also. (You also get credits!)

Yes the advertising business does provide movie theatres with a lot of money. Half a billion dollars, according to that article. I am inclined to believe this, but he also mentions another point. According to IMDB, most movie goers don’t mind the ads. While I do believe that some people are against the ads, there are also many who either like the ads, choose to ignore the ads, or watch them because they are there. Next, and I quote:

But you don’t have to have a degree in advertising to know that the bulk of that $456 million in ad money doesn’t come from those “pre-show” commercials. Oh no no no no… most of that money comes from the ads I LOATHE. The commercials (not trailers… I like those) that they start playing at the time they advertised the MOVIE was supposed to start.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating.

- When you take my money for popcorn, at least I’m getting a tasty treat

- When you take my cash at the box office, I’m getting to come in to watch the movie

- When you take my time for commercials on TV, I’m getting a “free” TV show out of it

But what are we getting for our time with commercials in movie theaters? When the ad says “Movie starts at 7pm” and I’m in my seat (that I paid admission for) at 7pm, it’s time for you to start giving me what I paid you for… the movie. If you want to show me commercials, fine… give me the movie for free then.

This is just not true. At the theatre I work at, the ads are run on a digital projector. This beeps when the movie is scheduled to start, and the projectionist then hits the start button, on the FILM. Included in the film are several things. First, a note to find the nearest emergency exit in case of an emergency. Next a snipe that says “Coming Attractions”. Then, depending on the movie, 10-15 minutes of trailers. (It even shows on! Feature Presentations Start 10-15 Minutes Following Published Showtimes. That’s for trailers!!!) Next, another snipe for “Feature Presentation”. Then… guess what.. THE FEATURE PRESENTATION. There are no extra ads there, at least for the company I work for. The writer of that article just assumes that this is common practice. Well I work for a large theatre chain and its definitely NOT common practice for us to do that.

I don’t mind theaters making money off me when I get a product, service or entertainment in return… but commercials playing at 7pm when you told me the movie would be starting is doing nothing but STEALING my time. You are taking from me without giving anything in return. HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM ONLINE MOVIE PIRACY!?!?

He makes a very strong point about this. First of all, theatres do not steal your time. YOU choose to go to the movies. And, as I’ve stated before, our ads run before the scheduled start time. This is just an asinine point.

Finally, his calculation on how much theatres owe him for watching ads.

I see approximately 8 films in theater each month. At about 15 minutes of commercials per film (remember, these are ads that begin to play at the movie advertised start time), I end up spending about 2 hours per month watching ads in theaters uncompensated. That’s 24 hours, or a full day of uncompensated ad watching in a year.


I’m not a doctor or lawyer, so let’s say my time is worth a measly $20/hour. Since I spent about 24 hours watching uncompensated ads in theaters last year, I figure the movie industry owes me about $480 out of that Half Billion they made last year off my time. Seems fair.

The principle for piracy and time theft is the same. Taking an asset (a movie, or your time) without providing the due compensation for taking that asset. So where do we start the class action lawsuit?

If you tell me the movie starts at 7pm, then when I PAY YOU to get into the movies, there is an implied contract that you give me what I paid for… a movie at 7pm. When you instead put up 15-20 minutes of commercials at 7pm you are stealing my time, and also stealing MY SHARE OF THAT $456 MILLION you made off my time.

So the next time you’re pirating a movie (which is neither something I do nor endorse), let that ease your conscience, because although you’re stealing the $10 you would have paid in admission… they probably owe you about $150 for stolen ad time anyway.

So, I guess the next time you see a movie, you should ask for that $140 as a check, since that’s how much you’re owed for watching ads. You are not paid for watching ads on TV, reading ads on the internet, or anything else like that. True, you are not paying for TV (Basic) but even cable has ads, and so does the internet. He is basically making a point tat you should get paid for anything that wastes your time. After having read his article, I felt like I have wasted my time, and would like some of my money back.

Again, I can’t speak for all theatres, but I know that his points are just invalid when it comes to who I work for. Next time, do the research before you scream about something you don’t really know about. Make sure it applies to all situations before you say it does.

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Movies This Weekend!

October 17, 2007 by Joe · 7 Comments 

I guess the great blog rating that I got in my last post paid off. Due to my excessive track record in helping out the community, saving cats and such, I have been bestowed this great honor by the blogging community. Allow me to go to my throne as I type this post.

Just kidding. Thanks to Mandypoo for passing this award on to me. I will be passing the award on at the end of this post. Maybe Matt will get lucky.. who knows!!

Anyway, a lot of movies opening again this week. It seems like Hollywood is getting more concerned with pumping out number of movies instead of quality of movies. I personally would prefer quality over quantity. But, I suppose that this is what will bring in the money, right? Without further ado, your cinema offerings for this weekend.

30 Days of Night - Based on the ground breaking graphic novel (They say that in the commercials), Sam Raimi brings a thriller based in Barrow, Alaska. This arctic area is plunged into a full month of darkness every year, and with the darkness comes a mysterious group of bloodthirsty vampires. As the darkness continues, Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett) and the dwindling group of survivors must do whatever they can to survive.

How I think it will do - There is a lot of media backup to this movie. I never read the graphic novel, but I think this looks like it could be a decent flick. It’ll have the “make you jump” moments but won’t be the most memorable horror/thriller you’ve ever seen. Go see it with a group of friends, it should be a decent time. Number 2 or 3 at the box office this weekend.

Rendition - Reese Witherspoon stars as the wife of an Egyptian born chemical engineer, who mysteriously disappears on a flight from South Africa to Washington. She tries everything she can to find her lost husband, while a CIA analyst(Jake Gyllenhaal) begins to question his assignment as he observes the unorthodox interrogation.

How I think it will do - I haven’t heard too much about this one, but I think that it has a decent premise and covers a somewhat controversial subject. It’s not at the top of my list to see, but I think that it will have a decent amount of success, partly due to the strong performers in this film.

The Comebacks - From the producers of Wedding Crashers, this comedy features David Koechner as Coach Lambeau Fields. Spoofing every inspirational sports movie ever made in Scary Movie fashion.

How I think it will do - This movie looks extremely silly, and that’s why I want to see it! I think this one will provide great laughs, and I love the characters that David Koechner plays. He’s always over the top, and its just what you expect from him, and it usually works out pretty well. Plus, these guys made Wedding Crashers, so they know what they are doing. I think this will make a strong showing at the box office, as high as 2.. I think. It is rated PG-13, so that will hurt it a bit.

Things We Lost in the Fire - After the death of her husband, a widow played by Halle Berry invites her longtime childhood friend (Benicio Del Toro) to move in with her and her kids.

How I think it will do - This is actually the first I heard of it, and it opened in limited release a couple weeks ago. I think that it won’t do spectacularly, but that Berry will provide a decent performance. A drama that seems more on the independent side, I think that it will appeal to certain crowds, but won’t break into the top 10.

The Nightmare before Christmas (3-D) - A re-release of the popular Tim Burton classic in 3-D. The story of Jack, the star performer in Halloween city, who is losing his interest for the scare. He discovers Christmas, and works to bring the celebration to Halloween City.

How I think it will do - Well this is only going to be playing in digital cinema, so it won’t be a huge hit at the box office. I do see this movie doing well though, and I can’t wait to see it myself. This is definitely a hype movie, and its coming out at jus tthe right time, unlike Halloween. It’s going to bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces. :-)

Well, thats it for our major releases this week. Again, there are a ton of movies opening in limited release, including the highly anticpated Gone Baby Gone. That one recently had its premiere in Boston, and is directed/produced by Boston Boy Ben Affleck. Also in limited release:

Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (PG)
Wristcutters: A Love Story (R)
Out of the Blue (Not Rated)
DarkBlueAlmostBlack (Not Rated)
The Girl Next Door (R)
Weirdsville (R)
Reservation Road (R)
Klimt (Not Rated)
Moondance Alexander (G)
House (R)
Trigger Man (Not Rated)
Summer Love (Not Rated)
Meeting Resistance (Not Rated)
Bordertown (R)
The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell (Not Rated)
Fuego (Not Rated)
The Man Who Souled the World (Not Rated)

Wow. That’s a lot. For anyone who’s still reading, its time to pass out my Community Blogger award! I’m going to hand it over to two bloggers, Skittle and Pelf. Both of these blogs are quality blogs which I enjoy reading a lot. Great job guys!!!

That’s all for this blog for now.. time to write an entry somewhere else… See you at the movies!

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