Movies This Weekend! 11/7/08

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The Feature Returns!! After a couple week hiatus (in which I actually wrote this post but never actually published it), we’re back to take a look at the movies coming out this weekend in wide release, and to see what the weekend is shaping up to be like. I’m still in movie catch up mode, and this week does help a little bit. We’ve got one film that I think will rock the box office, but the other two are hit or miss. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Madagascar PosterMadagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Directed by Eric Darnell & Tom McGrath, Rated PG

After escaping from New York City, the pack is back for more as they head off the Island and try to find their way to Africa. Returning are the voices that made the first feature, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric the Entertainer, and Andy Richter. Hilarity is guaranteed as they embark on a new adventure.

Role Models, Directed by David Wain, Rated R

Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott play a couple of guys who are not even close to what one would consider a role model. However, their antics put them in trouble with the law, and now they are forced to be mentors to some children as part of their punishment. Watch what happens when these guys try to guide children in the right direction. Unfortunately for them, the kids are a little less than cooperative….

Soul Men, Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, Rated RRole Models Poster

Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson star as former backup singers Louis and Floyd. They travel throughout the country, performing at tribute concerts to their late former band leader. The two, however, have not spoken to each other in years but reluctantly agree to travel together. Will the two be able to make it through the tour?

Joe’s Weekend Outlook

I think this will be a pretty busy weekend. It’s been a few weeks since there’s been a true kids movie that came out, and Madagascar 2 fits the bill perfectly. I think parents will be out with their kids in droves, so this might not be a great weekend to go to the movies if you’re looking for it to be quiet. Soul Men will probably draw a crowd as well, as I believe this is the first on-screen appearance for Bernie Mac since his unfortunate passing. What’s going to hurt the latter two films this weekend (Soul Men and Role Models) is the R rating. It’s quite the killer nowadays.. with kids not bothering with their parents and just buying tickets to other movies then trying to sneak in.

I think that I’ll try to make it to a movie this weekend… I really need to.

Movies this Weekend! 10/03/08

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Ahhhh! I have sooo much catching up of movies to do, and this upcoming weekend certainly does not help. Again, we’ve got a full slate of movies being released, and they look quite enticing. 7 films, to be exact! Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to make it to the theatre, but I know that this weekend is going to be quite busy, especially with the beginning of BU hockey. Oh.. I’m going to be starting up my BU hockey blog again soon

In any case, onto the movies:

An American Carol - Directed by David Zucker, Rated PG-13

In a satire that takes aim at the left, Kevin Farley plays Michael Malone, a documentary director who wants to abolish the fourth of July. However, he is visited bythree spirits, who get him to begin to change his anti-American ways.

Appaloosa - Directed by Ed Harris, Rated R

Ed Harris’ western opens wide this weekend. Based on Robert P. Parker’s novel, this film follows a pair of lawmen who unite over their town’s crisis, even as they are divided by their love of the same woman.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua PosterBeverly Hills Chihuahua - Directed by Raja Gosnell, Rated PG

Chloe is a pampered Beverly Hills Chihuahua who finds herself accidentally lost in the streets of Mexico without anyone she knows in sight. Alone for the first time in her life, she must rely on some unexpected friends to help her out and give her the strength to make the journey back home.

Blindness - Directed by Fernando Meirelles, Rated R

When a plague of blindness suddenly devastates a city, a small group affected by the plague bind together to overcome the terrible conditions of their quarantine. Starring Julianne Moore, who previously starred in City of God, an apocalyptic thriller also about the fragility of mankind.

Flash of Genius PosterFlash of Genius - Directed by Marc Abraham, Rated PG-13

Robert Kearns is a man whose 1960s invention became standard in every car on the road. However, when the car manufacturers (or anyone else for that matter) refuse to acknowledge his contribution, Bob embarks on a quest for recognition.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - Directed by Robert B. Welde, Rated R

Adapted by Toby Young’s biting memoir about his struggles as a Vanity Fair employee. Simon Pegg stars as Young’s alter ego, who sets on a quest to have sex with a certain young lady. Jeff Bridges plays his Graydon Carter-esque magazine editor.

Nick and Norah PosterNick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist - Directed by Pter Sollet, Rated PG-13

A comedy about two people who are thrust together for one sleepless night of adventure in a world of mix tapes, late-night living, and loud, live music. Nick is a regular in New York’s rock scene, nursing a broken heart, while Norah is questioning all her assumptions about the world. The two have nothing in common except their taste in music, which leads them to their all night quest to find a legendary band’s secret show. It ends up becoming the first date in a romance which could change both their lives.

Joe’s Weekend Outlook

Phew!!!! I finally got through all that. Now I just need to get through and find images for all the posters, if I can. I have to say that my top choice for this weekend is How to Lose Friends and Alienate People simply because I’m obsessed with Megan Fox. Man, she’s a fox. Number 2 for me would be Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, because I’ve been liking the work Michael Cera has been doing, especially in Juno. After that, I’d have to say it’s An American Carol… not too sure about stuff after that, though I have a feeling I’ll end up seeing Beverly Hills Chihuahua before any of my top picks!

Still got a lot of catching up to do in terms of movies I’d like to see.. I might try to catch a flick on Wednesday to clear up the backlog a little bit. As for business this weekend, I see it picking up. We’ve got a lot of quality, but the sheer quanitity still makes me think that the top movie will make less than $30 Million. Now don’t quote me on that, I’m no expert, it’s just how I see it!

What about you… what do you want to see this weekend?

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Quantum of Solace Countdown: Dr. No

September 29, 2008 by Joe · 2 Comments 

To start off Intermission at Work’s Quantum of Solace countdown, we’ll start with the film that started it all. Dr. No, back in 1962, featuring Sean Connery as James Bond. Let’s take a look at those keys to a James Bond movie: Read more

Joe’s Review: College

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It really was a movie weekend for me… having the weekend off definitely helped that. I actually managed to check out two movies. Man.. how often does that happen. I saw one movie last weekend too, so I guess that makes it 3 in two weeks. Thank God I don’t have to pay for movies cuz that could’ve gotten really expensive… In any case, let’s take a look at College. Quick and dirty, it was a decent movie, that reminded me of Superbad, but a little more serious.

Kevin Brewer is your not so typical high school senior. He’s a bit geeky, with a couple of mismatched friends. (Remind you of another movie yet?) He loves photography, and is working hard to get into a local university. Senior year is just moving around swimmingly.. until he has a talk with his girlfriend. She decides that he’s just not enough fun for her, that he’s holding her back from enjoying her senior year. Oh yeah, and she’s heading off to Miami for college next year. Kevin didn’t even know that, and is devastated. He’s ready to cancel his college visit when he is convinced by a friend that going to college is the best thing that could happen for him. Kevin becomes determined to show his girlfriend that he knows how to have a good time.

Once they arrive on campus, there are a few problems. First off, their dorm room isn’t quite ready… and they don’t really want to be in there anyway… Then, when Carter, one of Kevin’s friends, manages to find them a place to stay, it isn’t quite what they expected. They’re at a fraternity house, but what they don’t know is that the fraternity is on probation, and isn’t allowed to have any pledges for the year. Without pledges to torture, the frat boys turn to these pre-froshes to have their fun. First, they get sent to a gay frat party, then they are forced to clean up the house after a party. However, despite all this, Kevin and his friends manage to have a good time, and Kevin even meets a new girl.

Of course, all good things also have their bad sides. Turns out the girl that Kevin found hooked up with one of the frat brothers, Teague, and he’s really jealous that Kevin is getting all the attention. Morris, Kevin’s other friend, has his own issues, as he shows up to his scholarship interview with choice words and images drawn on his face after the house party. Things start to turn bad for the trio, as the frat guys do their best to make Kevin and his friend’s stay at College miserable.

After a truly eventful weekend, which you’ll have to see the movie to see, the boys learn a lot about themselves, and what their college experience will really be like. Add to that a bunch of hot girls, and some really funny situations, and you got yourself a decent movie. It’s no Superbad, but there was a really good effort. Didn’t seem to yield the same results, judging by the box ofice, but it was a decent movie. Check it out if you’re looking for some good laughs, and you’ve already seen Tropic Thunder.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

LAMB Favorite Horror Flicks!

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Everybody loves a good horror flick, right? Well my friends over at the LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) have voted, and the results are in. Unfortunately, I didn’t participate in this one, but it was really interesting to see which ones made the list!

Here they are, in order of popularity:

  1. The Exorcist
  2. Halloween
  3. The Shining
  4. Psycho
  5. Night of the Living Dead
  6. Dawn of the Dead
  7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  8. Alien
  9. The Thing
  10. 28 days later

Those are some pretty scary flicks. I haven’t seen all of them, but the ones I’ve seen have definitely freaked me out. I’m surprised one of the Friday the 13th movies didn’t make it. I also thought that a Chucky movie might have made it.

Any movie you might have added on the list? Taken out? Let it be heard in the comments!

Underpaid Baby Sitters

August 4, 2008 by Joe · 5 Comments 

Yes, I am using this to refer to myself and my staff. I spent the whole weekend - no joke - baby sitting kids that were more than half my age. I shouldn’t have to baby sit those kids. When I was that age, I was taking care of myself and working at the movie theatre! As you may have figured out, it’s because of Step Brothers, which is actually a pretty funny movie. However, the MPAA has decided that this movie not appropriate for kids under 17 unless they have “a parent or guardian, 21 years or older with them throughout the entire film”. Yes, I know that is a pretty strict policy, but I do have to enforce it. Read more

Dodgeball: An American Classic!

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Hey all…. I’ve been so busy lately. I love writing on this blog, but I just can’t justify staying up till 2 am to write posts! The Dark Knight has been absolutely kicking my butt recently. That movie’s set all sorts of records, and I’ve felt all of em :-P.

It hasn’t stopped me from having a bit of my own fun though! I went to a company picnic today, and recreated one of my all time favorite movies, Dodgeball! Well, actually not really recreated, but we’ve been playing it at the picnic since the movie came out. My team had a corny name, The Jokers Wild. Yeah, we’ve really gone for the Batman theme. Anyway, it was a ton of fun, and I really wish I had some pictures, cuz yours truly had one of the most epic dive/catches ever!

It would have been great… if I caught the ball. I love it when life goes in slow motion. I had it in my hands! I could hear the crowd going crazy as it fell into my hands, slipped out, got hit back up… into my hands again, then PLUNK. I faceplanted on the ground, sans ball in hand. :-( I think I hurt my knee in the process tooo.

Oh well, it was a lot of fun. I’m wondering, did Dodgeball pique your interest in the game again? I have to say I saw it 5 times in theatres… and loved it each time!

Anyway, just wanted to throw out a quick post to let you know that I’m alive. I’ll be getting back to regular posting tomorrow, with the movies this weekend! Later, folks!

Joe’s Review: The Dark Knight

July 21, 2008 by Joe · 2 Comments 

I’m sure that you guys have read tons of reviews of The Dark Knight. Yes, I should have had mine up earlier, but I guess I’m not supposed to provide opinions on movies before they come out because of the privilege I have of seeing them before they come out. But back to the reviews. Do I agree with the majority of them? Let’s sum up what they mainly say:

  • The Dark Knight is awesome.
  • Heath Ledger did an incredible job as the Joker.
  • This is the best movie of the summer so far.

Uhhh.. YEAH. Those words definitely sum up what I thought of The Dark Knight. Honestly, it was a really incredible movie, very well done. DC comics has a definite hit in this movie, and it made the numbers that Iron Man put up look like nothing. Yes, The Dark Knight has set record after record, and I really feel that it deserves it.

Dark Knight PosterThis film picks up where Batman Begins left off. Gotham City, once overrun by crime, is starting to get some sense of order. With the help of Batman, the Mayor, Lieutenant Gordon, and the new D.A. Harvey Dent, the war against crime has an end that everyone can see. The mob’s money is being tracked, Batman is bringing people to Justice, and Dent is putting them away for good. Everything seems to be working out just fine, until a crazy guy who just goes by “The Joker” begins starting his own havoc. He doesn’t even seem to have any goal, he just wants to cause crime.

In steps Batman. He’s never faced an enemy like the Joker before, and has to use all his resources, and bring himself to the edge of his own morals to decide what to do.

I really really don’t want to spoil this for anyone, so I’m sorry if the synopsis I have there is a little lacking. What I can say is.. this movie is definitely worth seeing. There’s going to be a lot of talk about who is the better Joker, which one will really make more money, and which Batman movie is the best, but I’m not going to go there right now. I will definitely encourage you to make the trip out to go see it. The dark vision that Christopher Nolan was going for really worked. What this new franchise is providing is a deeper look into “who is Batman?”

Not everyone will agree with me, but for a character actor, Christian Bale really does Batman well. I’ve enjoyed his performances in the past two films, and I do hope that he continues in the franchise. I’m also going to say that I think Heath Ledger had a wonderful performance, and is deserving of all the talk of a potential post-mortum Academy nomination. You may not agree with me on that point either, but I would like to hear why, because I think he did a fanatastic job. It was scary how good that performance was.

If you’ve seen the movie, what do you think?

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½

- Best movie of 2008 so far!

Why you should watch movies during Holidays

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Holidays are a great time to go see movies, with a lot of major releases focusing around holiday time, when more people are free to go to the movies. To go along with that theme, it’s a great time for families to go to the movies, since mostly everyone is at home during the movies. Knowing that though, is it worth it to go on a holiday? Let’s take a look at some of the pros:

Better Movies are Released During Holidays

This is true for the most part, but you can’t always guarantee quality. A great example of a quality movie released during the holidays was the first Chronicles of Narnia. Narnia was definitely a holiday movie, with the setting of the movie in the winter time and all. It definitely makes sense for a studio to release a movie at this time.. with more people home (as mentioned before), and better marketing opportunities available, especially at Christmas time. I’d say that 90% of the Holiday releases are better than your typical fare, though probably not as good as the summer blockbusters.

More Time to Go the Movies, and it can cost less!

This is key. A lot of times, people don’t want to go to the movies simply because they don’t have time (and cost). The holiday season addresses both of these issues, at least partly. Cost is a major contributing factor to the decline in moviegoing. So why do more people go to the movies on holiday? Gift Cards. Gift cards make it seem like you’re not spending as much money because someone else gave you that money… you’re not spending your own. When you get that brand spankin new gift card on Christmas day, what better thing to do with it than head to the movies to catch the latest release. Most times, that card will even get you some refreshments! Ok… maybe part of a drink or popcorn.

Time.. the other factor. When you go to the movies, you generally don’t have to take care of much. Getting yourself there, purchasing tickets, not extremely difficult things. But, you have more time to do this during the holidays, and aren’t always rushing to make sure you make a movie on time, or rush so that you can make it home in time for work the next day. Having this time is very conducive to going to the movies!

There are a couple things that I think lead to increased attendance on Holidays. Basically, it revolves around convenience. Studios aren’t stupid, and realize that people will go to see movies they wouldn’t have otherwise seen if they have the time to go do it. Holidays provide this opportunity.

Take advantage of your holidays and plan accordingly. Spending the day at the movies can be a fun, and often times cheaper experience than going on vacation! Or.. drop the kids off, and let us take care of them for a couple hours while you enjoy your own little vacation.. :-)

I Didn’t See Narnia Today :-(

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I really wanted to see Prince Caspian today, and I even convinced the girl to see it with me! It must have been my viewing of What Happens in Vegas with her last week! I really enjoyed the first Chronicles of Narnia movie. I think it might have been the last one I went to go see by myself actually. I don’t know why I did it, but I really really wanted to see it at the time, and I think that kinda translated onto this movie as well!

Anyway, we were this close to seeing the movie. We’d just pulled up to my theatre, and found a nice parking spot when some random lady tells me to lower my window. Great… I was hoping she wasn’t going to complain about me parking next to her. She didn’t, thankfully, but instead gave me some information that kinda ruined my day a bit.

The theatre has no power.

BOOOOOOO! It’s going to be hard enough to keep up with seeing blockbuster after blockbuster this summer! Now I have to wait to go see Narnia. Hopefully I find some time this week.. but I don’t know. In any case, we headed back to my place and ended up watching the red sox, then heading out for dinner afterwards. I still had a good day! :-) Even though Bed Bath and Beyond only had a dented version of the trash can I want to get for my room…

Prince Caspian Movie PosterAny of you guys seen Prince Caspian yet? I’d like to hear your reviews if you get a chance. I think I might do my first video review with this movie. I just set up my tripod for my Flip Video Camera and I can’t wait to have some more fun with it. My previous videos have been pretty crappy because I’ve had to hold onto the camera, and I’m not the steadiest of hands.

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